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  • Drag and drop installer file (MZP) into viewport, click Install button (no need to remove previous versions).
  • You can find Smart Merge button in Customize User Interface > Toolbar > D95 DESIGN.


  • Drag and drop installer file (MZP) into viewport, click Uninstall button.
  • You can choose to delete or keep the script’s settings for later.


  • From menu: Customize > Customize User Interface > Keyboard
  • Find category: D95 DESIGN > Tooltips: Smart Merge.

1.99 | 05/01/2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused all Model Optimize and Customization features to fail.
  • Fix MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: No “map” function for undefined when using “Merged Layer”
  • Added recommend profile for purge option.
  • Fixed some tooltips.

1.95 | 08/12/2022

  • Added new “Paste” function: from now on you can copy asset in Windows Explorer (by normal Ctrl + C or copy command) and paste into script to merge by right-click menu > Paste. Note that it only works with files, not folders.
  • Added “Uncheck All” and “Check All” buttons in “Purge Setting” panel.
  • Added “Quick Dock” (“: :” button) outside the main interface (equivalent to “Dockable” option in “System Setting”).
  • Improved: from now on script will automatically remove special characters when naming groups with Group Merged (!@#$%^&*()[]{};:,./<>?|`~-=_+), and replace them with underscores to avoid errors.
  • Improved: from now on Lite Mode will also use all the features of the main merge function.
  • Fixed “MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception | Unable to convert: OK to type: Color” error when opening Smart Merge Settings when Smart Camera View is active at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Smart Merge’s System Settings and Smart Camera View’s System Settings go blank when opening them at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Smart Merge unexpected close when close Smart Camera View or Smart Camera View System Setting.
  • Fixed a bug in Lite Mode causes the script to not work with the Purge command.
  • Fixed re-merge and merge in Lite Mode not using script settings.
  • Small fix for default state of “Dockable” option.
  • Updated and fixed some tooltips.

1.91 | 11/11/2022

  • From now on you can quickly toggle Extractor switches with the “Use Custom Switches” checkbox. Setting the switches (old “WinRAR switches” and “7-zip switches” group) will also be shown in a new dialog, opened by the “Edit” button next to the custom switches checkbox.
  • Added new option “Custom Name” in “Extract Folder” group: by default, the script will extract everything to a main folder named “Smart Merge” (located where you saved the current file, or at the “Temporary Path” if you haven’t saved it). You can enable this to change the “Smart Merge” folder name. Note that changing the “Extract Folder” name will reset the current “Processing List” and “Merged List”. You will also have to manually clean up the old extracted temporary files.
  • Added “Limit Size” option in “Extract Folder” group: show warning every time you open Smart Merge or merge new assets if the size of Smart Merge folder has reached the limit. By default, the script will not limit the size of this folder. Note that it may make the script startup a little slower than usual, depending on your hard drive performance, so if you don’t have hard drive space issues, there’s no need to use this feature.
  • Added “Open Extract Folder” in right-click menu in Processing List: open current folder use for extracting assets (named “Smart Merge” by default).
  • Added “Extract Folder Statistics” in right-click menu in Processing List: show current path, file count and total size of the Extract Folder (named “Smart Merge” by default)
  • Fixed some tooltips an group name.
  • Fixed some bugs with interface.

1.83 | 02/10/2022

  • From now on, “Get File Thumbnail” dialog will open next to main script user interface.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Select Merged” feature caused the script to crash or not responding when trying to merge some old 3dsMax files or scenes containing invalid nodes.
  • Optimized algorithm to speed up the merge process (can be up to 20% for assets containing many objects).
  • Imporved installer: ask when installing to make WinRAR as default extractor to support more formats (reset setting in Script System Setting will still make 7-zip as default extractor).
  • Added “Show Confirmation” in Model Purge option: ask before perform model purge.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in Lite Mode.

1.79 | 31/07/2022

  • Added “Dockable Dialog” option in “Script System Setting” > “Dialog Setting”.
  • Added “Get File Thumbnail” option in right-click menu to show 3dsMax file thumbnail (note: this feature will take Windows thumbnails to show in script, so if in Window Explorer your 3dsMax file doesn’t have preview, it will just show 3dsMax icon in thumbnail box).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Move only selected to merged list” option in the “After Merge” group to not work as expected. This feature is useful when the archive doesn’t have a render preview, or when you want to see exactly what’s in that max file. Currently, the thumbnail script thumbnail size is limited by the Windows thumbnail size.
  • Fixed some tooltips.

1.75 | 26/06/2022

  • Big change in user interface: reduce main interface size height by 20%, optimize the size of the buttons and checkbox to be more neat. The buttons belonging to the old Smart Merge group (About, Setting, Lite Mode) will be moved to the top, just like Smart Camera View 3. Increase list height of Merged List, also remove the title “Merged List” of this group.
  • Added “Promt” option for Post Script: show confimation prompt before running custom post script.
  • Added “Backup” option for Post Script: backup current 3dsMax scene before running custom post script.
  • Added more options for setting pivots (Bottom Center, Midde center, Top center). Note that in the current version, if you use “Group Merged”, the script will create a group with the Pivot always  in the center, only the nodes in the group are set to Pivot according to your settings.
  • Added “Clear” button for Custom Search Path.
  • Added “Prompt” option for “Custom Search Path”: show confimation prompt before searching.
  • Added “Manual” option for “Custom Search Path”: if the script still can’t find the corresponding archive after searching the custom path, ask the user if they want to select the directory manually to search for archive.
  • Renamed “Smart Merge Settings” group into “Script Settings” group.
  • Renamed “Script System Setting” button into “System” and move it to “Script Setting” group.
  • From now on you can drop any file into the script, including non-image formats, as long as they have the same name as the compressed file.
  • From now on Custom Search Path will now be included in the Script System Setting.
  • From now on Smart Merge will only active Deep Search and Search Custom Path if the script can’t find the corresponding archive when you drag and drop preview file to avoid file duplication.
  • Set new optimal default profile when reset setting: “Dark Mode” will now be the default script theme, “Move to Origin”, “Relink Assets”, “Reset Display”, “Reset Rendering”, “Pivot to Center”, “Disable U.W.P” (with “Middle Center” & “Only Group” option) will be enabled by  default.
  • Post Script is moved to a separate group “Custom Post Script”.
  • The “Only Group Pivot” option will be transformed into 3 different options: “Only Group”, “Only Geometry” and “Everything”. It is very useful with model where Pivot is important.
  • Added “Disable Use Working Pivot” (“Disable U.W.P”) feature: disable 3dsMax Use Working Pivot function when set model pivot.
  • Fixed a critical bug that caused Quick Merge to not work immediately after using the feature for the first time.
  • Fixed “Unknown property: mouseButton…” error when using middle mouse button to switch from Full Mode to Lite Mode.
  • Fixed the bug related to case sensitivity in filenames extension causes the merge to fail.
  • Fixed typos and added missing tooltips.

1.63 | 08/05/2022

  • Added “Post Script” feature: you can enable it to add scripts that run automatically after merge. For example Corona Quick Convert to automatically convert merged objects to Corona Renderer.
  • Added “Custom Search Path” feature: enabled to search this path for archive files if the script doesn’t find them in the folder containing the preview file. This feature is designed for users who put the preview file and archive file in 2 different paths.
  • Added option “Quick Close” to close script by repress hotkey or toolbar icons.
  • Added “Save State” option in Script System Setting: save dialog state when close.
  • Added “Dark Mode” option in Script System Setting: use dark theme for main dialog.
  • Added “Deep Search” function with “Collect All” option: if the script can’t find an archive file corresponding to the name of the preview image you drag and drop in current folder, it will automatically search in the subfolder. If “Collect All” is enabled, script will search and merge all archives with the same name as the preview file in subfolder. Disable it to merge only first archive from search result.
  • Added “WinRAR Switches” and “7-Zip Switches” in Script System Setting: enter switches here to use the advanced features of WinRAR or 7-Zip. Switches are prefixed with a ‘-‘ symbol, and are separated by spaces. Please visit WinRAR or 7-Zip homepage for a detailed description of all switches. Using the wrong switches can prevent scripts from decompressing properly, so make sure you know what you’re doing. For example, this set of switches will cause WinRAR to run in the background and ignore the default profile and environment variable: -ibck -cfg
  • Fixed some tooltips and infomation when merge and extracting.
  • Fix a bug that caused duplicate merges in Lite Mode.
  • Fixed user interface in 4K monitor.

1.52 | 17/03/2022

  • From now on you can drag and drop the preview image of the archive into the script, the script will try to automatically find their archive if it is in the same folder, and has the same name (watch the video to see how it works).
  • From now on when you drag and drop the compressed files into the script, it will try to find and copy the preview file to the “Preview” folder, which is located alongside the “Process” and “Merged” folders.
  • Replace the “Open” button in the “History” extension section with the “Preview” button.
  • Added “Show Preview” command in the menu when right-clicking a list in the Processing List.
  • Added “Disable Smooth” option in Model Optimize group: disable all TurboSmooth, MeshSmooth, OpenSubdiv and other subdivide modifier in newly merged objects.
  • Added “Disable NURMS” option in Model Optimize group: disable all NURMS subdivision in newly merged objects.
  • Added “Reset Display” option in Model Optimize group: reset to default all display properties in newly merged objects. Disable See-Through, Display as Box, Backface Cull, Vertex Ticks, Montion Path, Ignore Extents, Vertext Channel Display and enable Edges Only, Show Frozen in Gray.
  • Added “Reset Rendering” option in Model Optimize group: reset to default all rendering control in newly merged object. Enable Renderable, Inherit Visibility, Visible to Camera, Visible to Reflection/Refraction, Receive Shadows, Cast Shadows, Apply Atmospherics and disable Render Occluded Objects.
  • Added “Merge Color” option in “Customization” new group: use custom wireframe color for newly merged objects.
  • Added “Merge Layer” option in “Customization” new group: merged all object into specified layer.
  • Added & fixed some missing / incorrect grammar tooltips & label.

1.40 | 20/12/2021

  • Added right-click menu for processing list. Currently the right-click menu will have 6 main features (the number of options displayed will depend on the number of items you select in the list): Merge / Merge All, Remove / Remove All, Show File Info, Open File Location, Select All, Deselect All.
  • Added horizontal scroll bar when filename is too long.
  • Fixed a bug prevented the script from using “Relink Textures”.
  • Improved “Relink Textures” function and renamed it to “Relink Assets”.
  • The script’s model purge will now be more efficient and use less memory.
  • Fixed a bug where using the “Helper” option in Model Purge Settings and the “Keep Subgroups” option at the same time would delete all groups when merged into the current scene, resulting in some or all of the objects deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the script to report the error “Runtime error: Attempt to access deleted scene object” when using the Model Purge feature.
  • Now clicking on an empty space in the process list will now deselect all (instead of selecting the first item in the list or the first item in the currently selected list).
  • From now on you can middle click on the process list to switch between Lite Mode and Full Mode.
  • Added & fixed some missing / incorrect grammar tooltips & label.

1.34 | 29/11/2021

  • Replaced “Resolve Path with “Relink Texture”: with new relink texture function, you will no longer have to save the current 3dsMax file to show the texture of the newly merged object.
  • Added progress bar in Lite Mode to show merge progress.
  • Added “Zoom Selected” option for “Selected Merged” in Setting: if “Zoom Selected” is checked, the script will zoom extents to newly merged objects after merge. It is useful when you are not using the “Move to Origin” option.
  • Added “Keep Subgroups” option for “Group Merged” in Setting : if “Keep Subgroups” is checked, the script will keep the subgroup structure of the merged file. If this option is not checked, the script will ungroup all objects merged file, then regroup everything a single group.
  • Added “Pivot to Center” in Setting with “Only Group Pivot”: if “Pivot to Center” is checked, the script will put the pivots of all objects in the merged file to the center. If “Only Group Pivot” is checked, the script will put only group’s pivot to the center.
  • Added “Model Purge Settings” button in Setting: click to open Model Purge Setting. All option of Model Purge will be moved here. Some options have also been renamed for the correct context.
  • Improve “Model Purge” function: faster and more accurate. Statistics are also counted more precisely.
  • New option “Remove Shapes”, “Remove Helpers” and “Remove Warps” to purge all the extra shapes, helper and warps of the file to be merged. Existing shapes, helper and warps in the current scene will not be affected.
  • Added new “Animation Layers” and “Note Tracks” option in “Global Purge” group to purge all animation layers and note tracks after merge. Note that it applies to the entire current scene, so if your scene is very heavy, or you don’t want to remove these elements, consider unchecking these options.
  • Added “Garbage Collection” and “Clear Undo Buffer” in “Other Settings” group.
  • Added “M” (“Manual) button for each option in “Model Purge Settings”: if this button is enabled, the script will show confirmation prompt before starting to purge. It is very useful when you want to keep something in some certain files but don’t want to disable the option in settings, for example to keep light only when merging the desk lamp model.
  • Fixed a bug that cause Lite Mode merge duplicate file. And now Lite Mode will no longer create file history.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the progress bar from updating when right-clicking Remerge button.
  • Progress bar when re-merge will be updated more precisely.
  • Now you can press Esc to abort the file extraction process. Note that it can be a bit tricky, and you may have to press the Esc button more than once.
  • “OK” button in Script System Setting no longer close Smart Merge Settings when pressed.
  • Added & fixed some missing / incorrect grammar tooltips & label.

1.25 | 22/11/2021

  • Optimized script interface: all the buttons have been rearranged to match group names.
  • Renamed “Load” button into “+ File” button.
  • Renamed “Show Merged List” button into “History” button.
  • Added “Lite Mode” button. Click to switch to Lite Mode. Lite mode is a new function in script, when its interface will be minimized to only a tiny window for you to drag and drop files into. All buttons will be removed except for 1 button used to switch back to Full mode. In this mode, Quick Merge will be automatically activated, and it will merge all the files that are dragged and dropped into the script. The other options for merging files in the settings will still be applied in Lite mode as well. This mode is useful if you just want a quick merge without the script taking up too much space on the screen.
  • Added “+ Folder” button. Click to add folder to merge. The script will try to extract all files in that directory, and display all the MAX files it finds.
  • Optimized setting interface: setting is arranged and rearranged to be neater and more relevant.
  • Added “Script System Settings” button in “Other Setting” group. Click to open Smart Merge System Settings.
  • Added “Deep Extract” option: in previous version, the MAX file must be placed in the main directory or subfolders when extracting. If the MAX files are placed in another archive (double compressed), or missing .max extension, the script will not load them. But with 1.25, this will be completely fixed. With “Deep Extract” on, you can put the max file, texutre, or any other file in as many sub archives. The script will try to decompress all of them until there are no more compressed files left.
  • Re-integrate the “Overwrite” option: “Overwrite” was a built-in feature from the early versions, but in version 1.16 was temporarily removed after adding Winrar to the default extractor. Now this feature has been integrated back and is compatible with both extractors.
  • Added “Model Purge” option: when enabled, this feature will purge and clean the junk in the max file that is merged into the current scene. By default, the feature will be turned off, but you can turn it on in Settings by checking the Enable Purge box. If “Show statistics” is enabled, after the cleanup, the script will report what was cleaned up. This feature is very useful if you are merging files from unknown sources and are not sure that they are completely clean. Currently, scripts can purge Particle View, Animation Key, Light, Camera, Layer, and Note Track.
  • Added “Model Optimize” option: currently it has 2 options, “Move to Origin” and “Resolve Path”. Move to Origin will place the merged models at the origin of the current scene, or in other words 0, 0, 0. “Resolve path” will set the absolute link for the textures when merging. Note that this feature is still in development and testing stages. Currently, it will try to resolve all the paths present in the current scene, so you need to be careful when using it.
  • Added “After Merge” option in Script System Settings: in previous version, when you press the merge button a max file, all max files in the same archive will also be moved to Merged List. However, like the Remove button, you can now set it to either move the merged Max file to the Merged list alone or move the entire archive to the Merged list.
  • Fixed a bug that cause “undefined” errors when starting the script for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the script from using “Quick Merge”.
  • Added & fixed some missing tooltips.

1.16 | 08/11/2021

  • Remove “Reload” button in Merged List, replace with “Open” button (old “Open” button in “Smart Merge” group).
  • Replace “Open” button in “Smart Merge” group with “Clean” button: click to delete all temporary data of the script, including all extracted files in both Processing List and Merged List.
  • From now on you can right-click the “Merge” button to merge all the files in the list. It works the same way with the “Remerge” buttons in the Merged List.
  • Similarly “Merge” button, you can right-click the “Remove” button to delete the entire file list.
  • You can now import the MAX file directly into the script, and it will work like a normal batch merge script.
  • New file filter: it will automatically filter out valid files when use drag and drop function.
  • New “Extractor Settings” group: from now on you can change the default extractor 7-Zip built into the script to WinRAR. With WinRAR, you will be able to extract more file formats, beyond the basic 7-Zip compression formats. Note that WinRAR is not included in the script installer, so you need to install WinRAR on your computer before switching to this extractor. The script will ask you for the path to WinRAR.exe if necessary.
  • Fix errors related to Windows Administrator rights and User Account Control that prevent scripts from using the Merge feature, or make Drag and Drop function unusable.
  • Improve Merge function: new merge method for faster speed. You may notice a significant speed increase when merging many large files.
  • Added “Quick Merge” option and “Group Merged” option in “Merge Settings” group: “Quick Merge” will cause the merge function execute immediately after you drag and drop the file into the script. You can tell by the background color of the processing list, it will change from White Smoke to Dark Gray if switch to “Quick Merge” mode. “Group Merged” will group each MAX file individually after being merged so you can easily select each one.
  • Added “Remove Settings” group: you can customize how the Remove button works here. You can choose to delete the MAX file individually, or delete the entire archive containing the MAX file.
  • Added “Sticky Dialog” option: enable it to Stick the setting dialog to the script’s main interface while moving across the screen.
  • Added “Save”, “Load”, “Reset” setting: save current setting, load setting from file, and reset everything to their default values.
  • Fixed some tooltips bug.

1.04 | 02/11/2021

  • Renamed “3dsMax File List” group to “Processing List” group.
  • Added “Merge Progress” group and move the progress bar here.
  • Added “Show Merged List” button: click to show “Merged List” group: show all files merged into the current scene. Click “Reload” to manually reload the list. Click “Remerge” to re-merge the selected file into the current scene. Click “Remove” to remove the selected file from the list.
  • The progress bar now shows the merge process more accurately.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the script from automatically reloading textures when merging into files.
  • Added new option “Auto overwrite”: all overwrite queries will be suppressed and files on disk with same filenames as in archive will be overwritten.
  • Added new option “Save dialog position”: save current position of Smart Merge dialog when close.

1.01 | 29/10/2021

  • Official product launch
  • Add file drag and drop feature
  • Added the ability to load multiple files at the same time
  • Add settings and about

1.00 | 01/10/2021

Finalize key features and release beta version.

Important note: some of the features below are tentative ideas only, they are under development but may not be included in the next release, or even never come out. The feature with green font is done, and it will be available in the next release. Ideas are developed from user feedback and comments, so if you’d like a feature, feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Done (available in the next update):

Considering or developing:

  • auto find texture when dragging and dropping max file (can’t be done with current algorithm)
  • extract in same folder as archive file (not recommend)

Most of the button in the script already has tooltip, but you can take a look to get an overview of how the script works before buy it.

Note that this manual is written for version 1.16, other versions (higher or lower) may have some differences.


  • Script integrated with 7-Zip, a free software to extract archives. From version 1.16, you can go to Settings and select WinRAR as Extractor to extract files that 7-Zip cannot handle (for example, RAR5). Note that WinRAR is not included in the script installer, so you need to install WinRAR on your computer before switching to this extractor. The script will ask you for the path to WinRAR.exe if necessary.
  • The MAX file must be placed in the main directory or subfolders when extracting. If the MAX files are placed in another archive (double compressed), or missing .max extension, the script will not load them.
  • If you have saved the current MAX file, the script will create a Smart Merge folder where the MAX file is saved, and extract everything into it. If you haven’t saved the MAX file, everything will be unzipped to the default temporary path. You can adjust this path in Settings.
  • By default, once you have saved the current scene, all models will be merged with the texture (since it is unpacked in the MAX file location). If you want to move the location of the MAX file, collect the textures with some free scripts like Collect Assets. If there is no problem, it will automatically detect texture paths as “Found”.


“Processing List” group

  • File list: displays a list of files waiting to be merged. You can drag and drop compressed files directly into this list.
  • “Load” button: used to select compressed files. You can select multiple compressed and MAX files using Ctrl or Shift.
  • “Merge” button: merges the currently selected files in the list. Note: after merging a file, all MAX files in the same archive will be removed from the list. For example, if there are two files in the archive, chair_2016.max and chair_2013.max, after merging the file chair_2013.max, the file chair_2016.max will also be removed from the waiting list. Right-click to merge all files in the list.
  • “Remove” button: remove selected files from processing list. Right-click to remove all files in the list.

“Smart Merge” group

  • “Clean” button: clean all extracted files in script folder. Warning: you may lose textures and assets that came with the model if you haven’t collected them yet.
  • “Setting” button: open Smart Merge Setting.
  • “About” button: click to view infomation of current version.

“Merge Progress” group

  • “Show Merge List” button: show all files merged into the current scene. Click “Open” to open the temp folder used to extract the files. Click “Remerge” to re-merge the selected file into the current scene. Click “Remove” to remove the selected file from the list.
  • Merge progress bar: show current merge progress.


“Extract Settings”

  • “Default extractor” dropdownlist: choose default extractor for script.
  • Extract path for unsaved scene: choose temporary path to extract files.

“Merge Settings” group

  • “Silent Mode” checkbox: don’t open standard merge dialog and auto-renames the duplicate objects & materials.
  • “Quick Merge” checkbox: automatically merge all files when using drag and drop feature.
  • “Select merged” checkbox: select all newly merged objects.
  • “Group merged” checkbok: create a group for each MAX file when merging into the current scene.

“Remove Settings” group

  • Processing List: customize how the Remove button works in processing list.
  • Merged List: customize how the Remove button works in merged list.

“Dialog Settings” group

  • “Save dialog position” checkbox: save current position of Smart Merge dialog when close.
  • “Sticky dialog” checkbox: stick the setting dialog to the script’s main interface while moving across the screen.