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A few demos of the script’s main features.

Free Place Light

Place many instance lights quickly.

Align to Object

Pick the object to put the light in the center

Auto Place Light

Place a light at each selected object center.

Quick Select & Re-position Target

Select Instances, Target Toggle and Target Re-position tool.

Auto Plane by Object

Suitable for interior & architecture. For example, window, skylight, etc…

Auto Plane by Polygon

Added lights that automatically align with selected polygons.

Create Complex Light Animation

Lights are aligned with polygons, and can be used to create complex animation effects.

Create Light Backdrop from Image

Auto create plane backdrop with UVW Map and Bend modififer from image.

And lots of other options and features built into the script.

1.32 | 19/05/2023

  • From now on you can undo when use Plane Light or Bar Light by Object or Polygon.
  • From now on you can hold Alt button when use Bar Light by Polygon to align light to short edge.
  • Update license system to fixed some relate bugs.

1.29 | 10/05/2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused the script to repeatedly request reactivation.

1.27 | 08/05/2023

  • Added support for Editable Mesh and Edit_Poly.
  • From now on you can update the script right in 3ds Max.
  • From now on you can undo after apply Auto Light Material.
  • Fixed a bug that make Corona light gizmo missing after using Auto Plane and Auto Bar Light.
  • Fixed a bug that make user interface become too long after press OK in Script System Setting.
  • Fixed a bug that make script not responding when using Get Light Parameters.
  • Reactivation on the same computer will no longer give the error “Instance is already activated”.
  • Fixed some icons and tooltips.

1.21 | 24/04/2023

  • Fixed a bug that make script crash when abort manual place function by ESC button.
  • Fixed “affect_atmospherics” bug when place light using Vray version 5.1 and below.
  • From now on you can choose both light & target to use the Target Re-position feature.
  • Fixed a bug that make script doesn’t update UI when get light parameters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented script from making lights if there was a modifier enabled above the Editable Poly.

1.17 | 19/04/2023

  • Fixed a bug that make Free Place Light stop working when select new object.
  • Improved performance of Script Auto Function.
  • Improved Script UI and workflow.
  • Offical release.

1.14 | 16/04/2023

  • Fixed a bug that make Select Light Instances & Remove Light function don’t work like expected.
  • Fixed a bug when making Vray lights that prevent script from select it’s target.
  • Added Auto Downlight & Auto Bulb function.
  • Added Target Toggle and Target Re-position function.
  • Added Select Light Instances & Remove Light function.
  • Added Replace Light function.

1.08 | 14/04/2023

  • Added Place Offset Spinner for target and light.
  • Added IES Settings for making lights.
  • Added Reset Button for Direct Color, Temperature and Texmap option.
  • Added Get Parameters from Light function.
  • Added Auto Place by Polygon.
  • Added Light Profile, Light Enable, Light Target.
  • Added Select Light & Select target option after making lights.

1.05 | 10/04/2023

  • Added Script System Setting.
  • Added visibility parameter for making light.
  • Added support for Vray Light.
  • Added Auto Place by Object function.
  • Added Make Instance & Cenver Pivot option.
  • Added Color Mode parameter for making light.

1.00 | 07/04/2023

  • Finalize key features and release beta version.

Important note: some of the features below are tentative ideas only, they are under development but may not be included in the next release, or even never come out. The feature with green font is done, and it will be available in the next release. Ideas are developed from user feedback and comments, so if you’d like a feature, feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Done (available in the next update):

Considering or developing:

  • add rotate function for Auto Bar Light.


  • Drag and drop installer file (MZP) into viewport, click Install button (no need to remove previous versions).
  • You can find “Auto Light” button in Customize User Interface > Toolbar > D95 DESIGN.


  • Drag and drop installer file (MZP) into viewport, click Uninstall button.
  • You can choose to delete or keep the script’s settings for later.


  • From menu: Customize > Hotkey Editor
  • Type “Auto Light” in search bar.