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  • Frame Maker: quickly create picture frames from selected photos.
  • Frame Profile: 18 modern and classic profile options for picture frames.
  • Frame Color: 12 types of colors, including 6 solid colors and 6 wood texture.
  • Frame Glass: box glass, plane glass or no glass.

  • Quickly create picture frames from selected photos with multi aspect ratio.

  • 18 types of picture frame profiles – classic and mordern.

  • 12 types of picture frame materials – solid color and wood.
  • 3ds Max 2016 and higher 3ds Max 2018 and higher is recommended.
  • An internet connection if you want to activate the License Key.
  • If the file you downloaded is in ZIP format, extract it to get MZP installer file.
  • Drag and drop installer file MZP into 3ds Max viewport, click Install button (no need to remove previous versions).
  • You can find script button in Customize User Interface > Toolbar > D95 DESIGN.
  • Please Deactivate the script on your computer if you want to use it on another machine.
  • Drag and drop installer file MZP into viewport, click Uninstall button.
  • You can choose to delete or keep the script’s settings for later.
  • After purchasing, you will receive an email contain a license key for activation. Each license key can be activated on 2 computers.
  • By purchasing the license key, you get full support for this script and free access to all future updates for this version.
  • The upgrade is a one-time payment, and all license keys are permanent.
  • The Activation dialog should appear on first start up.
  • Enter the correct information you received in the email, and click Active.
  • If you want to switch to another computer, deactivate it on the current computer: About > Deactive License.
  • If you have lost access to your old computer, use the License Manager script in website Account section for remote deactivation.
  • In any case, you can contact me for remote deactivation or other help related to activation.

Note that Windows and some antiviruses can generate fake random MAC addresses everytime you start computer, causing the script to misunderstand that you are active on 2 different machines. In that case, please disable feature if possible.

1.08 | 27/11/2023


  • Add “Automatic” option for materials: automatically create materials corresponding to the current renderer.


  • Fixed a few minor errors in window position and scale when using different measurement systems.
  • Fixed an error during installation that caused other D95 DESIGN scripts to lose their settings.
1.06 | 11/11/2023


  • From now on the script will be able to work with unit systems other than millimeters.
  • Improved the installer a bit.


  • Fixed a small bug when reset script settings.
1.01 | 25/10/2023


  • Fixed a small bug when undoing after creating a frame.
  • Fixed some missing tooltips.
1.00 | 05/10/2023


  • Release the first version.
  • (coming soon)
  • Select the whole folder to make frame.

Please note that some of the features above are tentative ideas only.

They are under development but may not be included in the next release, or maybe even never come out.

Ideas are developed from user feedback and comments, so if you’d like a feature, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.