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  • Drag and drop MCR file into viewport (no need to remove previous versions).
  • You can find Corona Physical to Legacy command in D95 DESIGN category.


  • From menu: Customize > Customize User Interface > Keyboard.
  • Find category: D95 DESIGN > Tooltips: Corona Physical to Legacy.


  • Manually delete the mcr file in the 3dsMax usermacro folder.


1.08 | 06/03/202

  • From now on script will automatically update scene materials before converting
  • Added General Physical Material Support

1.04 | 05/03/202

  • Added “Things to convert” option.

1.01 | 02/03/2023

  • Added “Metalness mode” option.

1.00 | 01/03/2023

  • Release script.


The script is quite simple to use. In the current version, the script has only 2 options:

Metalness mode

  • Autodetect: script will automatically detect the metalness mode of selected Physical material. If it is in metal mode, the IOR of the converted material will be set to 999.
  • Keep only IOR value:  script will only keep the IOR value of the Physical material. Note that for Corona Physical materials, the IOR has a maximum value of 3, so if you use this option, the converted material will never have metallic properties because of low IOR.

Things to convert

  • Everything in scene: convert all materials found in the current scene.
  • Only selected objects: convert all materials found in the current selected object.
  • Only selected materials: convert all selected materials in Slate Material Editor (SME).