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  • The .bat file executes the command to create a new directory with a custom directory structure and name format. You can save it anywhere on your computer, but I recommend you put it in the “C:\Temp” folder, because the reg file is already configured to be registered at this path (you can hide this Temp folder to make the drive look cleaner).
  • The reg file is used to register this command in the Windows right-click menu. By default, it is configured to register the .bat file at the path “C:\Temp\New_Date_Folder.bat”, however as mentioned above, if you do not place the .bat file in C:\Temp, you will have to set the path for the bat. file in this .reg file.


  • Copy New_Date_Folder.bat to C:\Temp (recommend), or anywhere on your computer.
  • Double-click the New_Date_Folder.reg file to install this command in the right-click menu (edit the .bat path if necessary).

As mentioned in the beginning, you can also customize the structure of the new folder in .bat file, depending on your needs.

  • 01_INPUT
    • 01_DOCS
    • 02_IMAGE
    • 03_OTHER
  • 02_PROCESS
    • 01_AUTOCAD
    • 02_SKETCHUP
      • COMP
      • MAP
    • 03_3DSMAX
      • MAP
      • OBJ
    • 04_PHOTOSHOP
    • 05_OTHER
  • 03_EXPORT
  • 04_OUTPUT
  • 05_TEMP