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Create date-named new folder

To quickly create a folder with the name as current date, you can use my small tool New Date Folder. You can also customize the sub-folder structure according to your personal preferences. I have included an example file below.

How to Install

First download New Date Folder, and follow these steps:

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file, you will have the New_Date_Folder.reg file and the New_Date_Folder.bat file. The .bat file executes the command to create a new directory with a custom directory structure and name format, and the reg file is used to register this command in the Windows right-click menu.
  2. Copy New_Date_Folder.bat to C:\Temp, or anywhere on your computer.
  3. Double-click the New_Date_Folder.reg file to install this command in the right-click menu. Edit the .bat path in .reg file before install if necessary.

After completing the above steps, a new command will appear in the right-click menu, named New Date Folder. Click on it and Windows will automatically create a new folder with name as current date.

Note that if you are using Windows 11, you will need to click on Show more options to see this menu. To understand more details, watch the video below.

New Custom Folder

As mentioned in the beginning, you can also customize the structure of the new folder in .bat file, depending on your needs. Download example New Project Folder.