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I am a full time architect, so please forgive me and be patient if you don’t get an immediate reply.

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Frequently asked questions

What is shareware product?

  • Shareware is commercial software that is distributed free to users with all core features. Usually, it will be enough for you to use in daily work.
  • If you want to use advanced features and get premium support, you can purchase a license key to activate full version of product.
  • All shareware distributed on my website can be used for commercial purposes, even if you don’t have a license for it.

Can I get a discount when I buy licenses in bulk?

  • The discount will be automatically applied when you change the order quantity.
  • For 5-10 licenses, you will get 15% off. For 11-50 licenses, you will get 30% off.
  • When you buy more 50 licenses, please contact me for best price.

Will I get a free update after purchasing the script?

  • Yes, you will get all the updates of that version completely free of charge, for example, updating from Smart Camera View 2.85 to Smart Camera View 2.92. Usually 15-20 such updates are released over a year or so, until the script is judged to have reached its polish limit, and needs a major change to continue development.
  • With big version upgrades, for example, updating from Smart Camera View 2 to Smart Camera View 3, you will have to purchase a new license. If you just purchased the old version of the script right before the release of the new version, you have the option to either refund or receive a coupon for the exact amount you spent, to purchase the new version of the script if you want.

How do I receive product updates?

  • Use auto-update in the script if available.
  • Log in to your account on my website, and go to the Downloads section.
  • Check email notifications for updates. Check spam folder if you can’t find it.

I checked all the mailboxes but didn’t see any updates.

  • If you didn’t tick the Receive Script Update button when you made your purchase, please re-subscribe it:
  • Contact me if you still do not receive email updates.

Why do I only receive “updates 3.02” and “update 3.05”, where are the versions in between?

  • They are daily builds, and are only released to a small group of test volunteers of about 20 people. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to subscribe to this group, but I will consider making it possible for users to subscribe in the future.

Is there any other form of payment?

  • Although many customer have asking for this, unfortunately we do not currently support any other form of payment other than Paypal or transfer directly by bank account in Vietnam. More payment gateways may be added in the future.

Can I get a refund if the script doesn’t work as expected?

  • Yes, I will give 100% refund to the user, if the script cannot work as expected. Refund policy >
  • Usually, all the main features of the script have been carefully tested on my computer. However, bugs are inevitable – if they appear, I will offer temporary solutions to assist users to fix the problem, and release an official patch later.
  • However, if I can’t come up with a solution for the time being, I will refund the user’s money with a sincere apology.

Can I request to add new features to the script?

  • Yes. I take your feedback very seriously and sincerely. Customer-requested features will be available in the Upcoming section on the product’s page.