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Post Script

Post Action is the second group in the Post Process rollout.

When enabled, the script will run all scripts located in the Post Scripts folder of Smart Merge after the merge is complete. To add or remove post-script, click the Manage Post Script button, it will lead you to the folder containing the post-script of Smart Merge. Put all the scripts you want to use here.

Note that post-script must be an executable script (.ms or .mse), macro scripts (.mcr) are not accepted.

In the above example, 3 scripts will be automatically run after the merge is finished, in the order of their names (1 > 2 >3). If you enable the Prompt option, a query box will appear asking if you want to run the post-script as shown below.

You can refer to Corona Quick Convert, one of the scripts often used in combination with Smart Merge as post-script to automatically convert all objects merged into the current to Corona.

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