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Miscellaneous is the last group in the Model Optimize rollout. It contains 3 options as shown below.

  • Disable Smooth: disable TurboSmooth, MeshSmooth, OpenSubdiv modifiers and NUMRMS of merged objects. In the example below, (1) is the original model, (2) is the model after merging into the scene with Remove Smooth enabled.

  • Reset Properties: reset Display Properties and Rendering Control of merged objects. In the example below, (1) is original Object Properties, (2) is Object Properties after merging into the scene with Reset Properties enabled.

  • Move to Origin: moves merged object to the origin point [0, 0, 0]. Note that this feature will always use the middle center of merged objects as base pivot to move. In the example below, although Custom Pivot Position has been set to Top Center Pivot, the script still uses the center of the box as the pivot to move it to the origin.


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