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Import & Merge

Import Files

There are three ways to import files into scripts:

  • Use + File button.
  • Drag and drop file into list.
  • Using the Paste command to paste from clipboard (right-click menu).

Files imported into the script will be processed as follows:

  • If it is a compressed file (.rar, .zip, .7z): Smart Merge will deep extract everything and load the max file into the processing list. This is the best import option, so you should keep all your assets in the original compress format.
  • If it is a preview file (.png, .jpg, .bmp, .jpeg):¬† Smart Merge will find the compressed file with the same name as this image, and process that compressed file. At default settings, the image file must be in the same folder as the compress file. You can use Deep Search¬†features if they are located in different folders.
  • If it’s a 3ds Max file (.max): Smart Merge will load this 3ds Max file directly into the process list, and collect all the textures contained in the folder containing this 3ds Max file if you enabled Auto Collect Textures.

Merge Files

There are three ways to merge files into current scene:

  • Use Merge button.
  • Double-click on file name in the list.
  • Right-click and select Merge.

The script will automatically find and relink all included textures after merge.

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