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Basic Usage

User Interface

The default interface of the script consists of 3 main parts: Top Button (1), Measure Function (2), and Dimension Values (3).

Main interface of the script.

Top Button includes 7 buttons as shown below.

Top Button.
  1. Memory: save the dimension just measured by the script.
  2. History: open the text file containing the dimensions saved by the Memory button.
  3. Undo: delete the last point you picked when measuring.
  4. Clear: clears the current measures on the screen.
  5. Check For Update: check and install the latest version of the script.
  6. About Script: show information about the current script version. You can also Activate or Deactivate script license here.
  7. Script System Settings: open the script’s System Settings dialog.

Start Measure

With all features in the script except Live Measure, you  activate the feature by pressing the button first, then picking points. The script will return results right on the screen if the number of points is enough. For example, Measure Distance will require 2 points. Measure Angle will need 3 points.

When you activate a measurement feature button, all other button are locked until the measurement function is finished. Note that when the number of points is enough and the script has returned the results on the screen, the measurement function is still active and you can measure again from the beginning by selecting new points.

To end the current measurement function, right-click on viewport, or click the button again. Note that with Live Measure, right-clicking will not end the measurement command.

In addition to the results returned in the viewport, the results will also be displayed in the Dimension Values rollout. You can press the C  button next to a parameter to quickly copy it to clipboard.

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