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Preset and Extra


Preset and Extra is an extension dialog of the script. You can open this dialog by clicking the Preset and Extra button (1). It includes resolution presets and a few small functions related to the camera.

Preset and Extra dialog.

Resolution Preset

Unlike the Ratio Preset in the Frame Setup group, the Resolution Preset (2) will set the exact resolution for the camera. To use, select a few cameras, then double-click on a preset. You can edit or add new presets using the tools in group (3). By default, the script will come with 5 presets: HD, HD+, Full HD, QHD and UHD.

Extra Tools

The Extra Tools group will contain a few small tools related to camera. They are:

  • Open Camera Converter (4): open Camera Converter script. Note that in current version, Camera Converter is not integrated in the script, so you will have to install it separately.
  • Clear Camera’s Modifier (5): remove all modifiers applied to the cameras.
  • Fix Camera’s Target (6): fixed some bug that caused the camera’s target to deviate from the line of sight.
  • Clear Camera’s Key (7): remove animation key of the selected cameras.
  • CRM to SCV Convert (8): convert the resolution of Camera Resolution Mod modifier to Smart Camera View.
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