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Miscellaneous is the 4th group in the script. It contains a few important parameters when setting up the camera.

Miscellaneous group.

In this group, you can adjust the Clipping parameters (1), Depth of Filed (4), and Field of View (5) of the camera. You can also turn on the camera’s Target (6), Horizon Line (7) or Automatic Vertical Shift (8) feature, Align Camera quickly with the Align tools (9) or lock Camera Transform with the Lock Transfrom button (10).

Camera Clipping

Clipping works with all types of cameras. Select the cameras that need to enable this feature, enable the Clipping button (1), and adjust the Near value (2) and Far value (3) for it. Note that Fstorm Camera is a special case, because it only has the Near value parameter, so the Far value is always set to 99999.

Field of View

By default, the script will display the camera’s Field of View value (5). If you want to display Focal Length instead of Field of View, click the FOV (Field of View) button to switch it to FCL (Focal Length).

Align Camera

The script provides a set of tools to align cameras according to a snap angle or a certain axis.

  • A button: auto align camera. Click to automatically align selected camera. Shift + click to automatically align all cameras. Right click to set snap angle.
  • X/Y/Z button: align along X/Y/Z axis. Click to use midpoint of camera and target as origin. Ctrl + click to use target as origin (only move camera). Shift + click to use camera as origin (only move target).

With the Auto Align Camera feature, Snap Angle can be any integer you want. By default it is 90 degrees.

Auto Align Camera with Snap Angle = 45.

Lock Camera Transform

The Lock Camera Transform feature is very useful when you have already set up the camera position, and do not want to accidentally change it. Select the cameras that need transform locking and enable the Lock Transform button (10). It is equivalent to activating all Locks in Hierachy tab > Link Info.

Lock Transform.

If you switch to another device that does not have Smart Camera View, go to this section to unlock them.

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