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Getting Started

First Startup

Before starting, make sure you have the latest installer. It can be downloaded via the email invoice you receive, or in the Downloads section of your account page on the website. The installer is usually in ZIP format, extract it and follow the instructions in the Install section of the product homepage to install.

The script can be completely removed via the installer.

Create Toolbar

This script does not have a specific interface. Instead, it creates multiple action items in 3ds Max. To create a toolbar for it, go to Customize > Customize User Interface. In the Toolbars tab, click New…, name it Quick Boolean or a name of your choice. Click OK, an empty toolbar should appear on the screen.

In the category section, select D95 DESIGN. You will see a list of commands here, such as Quick HollowQuick IntersectQuick Knife, Quick Union, Quick Subtract and more. Drag and drop the commands you need to the Quick Boolean toolbar you just created. Your toolbar will look like the image below:

Quick Boolean toolbar.

Instead of creating a new toolbars, you can also drag and drop these tools to your existing toolbars. You can also set separate shortcut buttons for each tool if you want.

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