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Frame Dimension

Frame Dimension includes some important parameters: Width (X), Height (Y) and Offset (A).

  • The Width and Height parameters refer to the size of the picture includes the frame, not just the painting inside.
  • Offset (A) is the width of the photo mats profile. You cannot adjust the thickness of photo mats.
  • If you want to create random sized pictures, deactivate the L button to enable Min X parameter.
  • The width of the picture frame profile (B) is determined by the profile style and profile scale, which we will learn about later.

Note that Width x Height are not necessarily the final size of the picture frame, but it also depends on the ratio of the picture you choose. In the example above, when I set Max Width (X) and Max Height (Y) to both 900mm, and choose a picture with a 1:1 ratio, I will have a frame that is exactly 900x900mm.

However, also with above settings, if I choose a photo with a 5:7 ratio, I will have a picture frame with dimensions of 694x900mm, to keep the picture at a 5:7 ratio as below.

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