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Getting Started

First Startup

Before starting, make sure you have the latest installer. It can be downloaded via the email invoice you receive, or in the Downloads section of your account page on the website. The installer is usually in ZIP format, extract it and follow the instructions in the Install section of the product homepage to install.

The script can be completely removed via the installer. Note that removing the script does not mean removing the license. You will have to deactivate it manually before removing the script if you want to install it on another machine.

License Guide

This script comes with a license key. License information can be found in the email invoice after purchase.

You will need this license to activate the first time you open the script. Note that you will need a internet connection to process.

  • You can install this script on all 3ds Max versions on the same machine with a single activation.
  • If you want to switch to another computer, you must deactivate it on the current computer.
  • Updating or reinstalling the script will not affect the script’s license.

This activation only happens once after installation. If you see it constantly asking for the key, or activation fails, it could be:

  • The computer does not have a network connection or you have blocked 3ds Max’s connection to the Internet.
  • The random MAC Address feature of some anti-virus software is enabled.
  • 3ds Max does not have permission to write data on hard drive.

In any case, you can contact me for further support.

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